SAS Base (52)

Given the SAS data set WORK.EMP_NAME:

Name EmpID
Jill 1864
Jack 2121
Joan 4698
John 5463

Given the SAS data set WORK.EMP_DEPT:

EmpID Department
2121 Accounti
3567 Finance
4698 Marketin
5463 Accounti

The following program is submitted:

data WORK.ALL;
merge WORK.EMP_NAME(in=Emp_N)
by Empid;
if (Emp_N and not Emp_D) or (Emp_D and not Emp_N);

How many observations are in data set WORK.ALL after submitting the program?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 5

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Answer: B

注解:The new data set WORK.ALL only contains observation which exits in EMP_Name but not in EMP_DEPT, or the other way around. WORK.ALL is:

Obs Name EmpID Department
1 Jill 1864
2 3567 Finance

For the details of MERGE statement and IN option, please check SAS Base (28).

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