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Hey I am on Aus qualified lawyer, I am just finishing about 3 years in the UK and worked in both the north of England and in London. The market is totally different outside of London so I will assume your intention is to move to London. The London legal market is much bigger than Australia tier varieties, here you have garbage firms, mid tiers (which are like Aus top tiers), silver circle, magic circle, then the US Firms.

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SAS Base (58)

The following program is submitted:

proc format;
value salfmt. 0 -< 50000 = ‘Less than 50K’ 50000 – high = ’50K or Greater’;

options fmterr nodate pageno=1;
title ‘Employee Report’;

proc print data=work.employees noobs;
var fullname salary hiredate;
format salary salfmt. hiredate date9.;
label fullname=’Name of Employee’ salary=’Annual Salary’ hiredate=’Date of Hire’;

Why does the program fail?

A. The PAGENO option is invalid in the OPTIONS statement.
B. The RUN statement is missing after the FORMAT procedure.
C. The format name contains a period in the VALUE statement.
D. The LABEL option is missing from the PROC PRINT statement.

Check Answer
Answer: C

注解:When defining custom formats, the name of formats cannot end in a number or a period. The name, ‘salfmt.’, in VALUE statement is invalid. However, when you refer to the custom format, the ending period is necessary.