SAS Base (34)

A user-defined format has been created using the FORMAT procedure.How is it stored?
A. in a SAS catalog
B. in a memory resident lookup table
C. in a SAS dataset in the WORK library
D. in a SAS dataset in a permanent SAS data library

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Answer: A

注解:存储自定义FORMAT的文件格式叫作catalog。FORMAT的存储位置和名字可以通过PROC FORMAT statement中的LIBRARY option设定,缩写为LIB,格式为:LIBRARY = lebref.catalog_name。例如:
PROC FORMAT LIBRARY = SASLIB.self_defined_format;
会在SASLIB library中建立名为self_defined_format的catalog。如果不定义libref,默认library为WORK 。如果不定义catalog_name,默认名字为Formats。如果不设置LIBRARY option,FORMAT会存储在WORK library下,文件名为Formats。

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