SAS Base (13)

The following SAS program is submitted:

set WORK.MEASLES(keep=Janpt Febpt Marpt);
array Diff{3} Difcount1-Difcount3;
array Patients{3} Janpt Febpt Marpt;

What new variables are created?
A. Difcount1, Difcount2 and Difcount3
B. Diff1, Diff2 and Diff3
C. Janpt, Febpt, and Marpt
D. Patients1, Patients2 and Patients3

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Answer: A

注解:ARRAY statement用于定义Array内的元素。题目中,Janpt, Febpt和Marpt是来自于Measles data set的旧变量,仅有Difcount1, Difcount2和Difcount3是新建立的变量。

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